Governors Annual Statement 2015 / 2016

“Members of the governing body have played, and continue to play, a strong role in driving the school forward” (Ofsted 2013)

The major focus of the governors is to ensure that our pupils progress appropriately in their education. The Governing Body appreciate that for this to happen the pupils must be supported by a well led, enthusiastic, professionally competent and motivated staff all working together within a safe, supportive, stimulating environment.

Governors appreciate too the requirements of our children’s parents and carers and their need to be satisfied about the overall leadership and management of the school and how it affects safety, learning and enjoyment of their children.

To achieve their objectives governors too must continually evaluate the role they have played within the life of the school, and publish relevant information to all interested parties.

This statement is part of that evaluation and publication process.

School Improvement and Learning Plan (SI&LP)

Governors work co-operatively with both the Executive Headteacher, Head of School and senior Leadership team in writing and monitoring the SI&LP

Governor visits

The governors are invited to visit the school as part of their monitoring of the SI&LP and of specific issues. We also visit for the fun activities the school participates in such as Rock Challenge, sports events and class/school performances throughout the year.  Guidance in terms of the roles and responsibilities of statutory link governors are provided to relevant governors and regular training is available in order to up skill our team.

Data analysis

Governor plans this year will be based on the SI&LP and analysing pupils performance across the whole school.


Governors review all relevant policies on a programmed basis to ensure that all guidance is current and up to date. Specific attention is paid to ensure that the school complies with the Department ofEducation mandatory policy list and the Local Authority recommended list.

Financial management

Members of the governing body have been trained in School Finance management.  In addition we have a CIMA qualified accountant on the governing body.

The impact of the governors’ role in the school ensures that the budget is managed effectively and improvements are effective and continuous.

Governor expertise

The Governors bring a wide range of expertise to the school and this helps to ensure the school is moving forward. Examples of the impact of Governor expertise on school improvement include allocated funding:

  • For continued and improved staff CPD
  • Continuous building improvements eg: the new kitchen, upgraded site security and firedoors and the ongoing project of the environmental area.
  • Updating IT provision
  • Replacement of the heating system

Staff recruitment

The Executive headteacher, Head of School and members of the senior leadership team are trained in safer recruitment. Governors also aim to update their safer recruitment knowledge.

Governor Meeting Attendance

Governor attendance has been of a very good level, with any absences having been fully explained and accepted and approved by the governing body. There are no causes for concern at the level of commitment shown by any member of the governing body.


The Governing Body, Executive Head teacher, Head of School and all members of staff are constantly striving to improve and develop the school.  This was recognised by Ofsted in their November 2014 inspection following which the school was graded as Good with Outstanding for Behaviour and safety.  During the last year the Governing Body have focussed on:

  • The introduction of the new National Curriculum and ensuring resources were in place for support all aspects of this.
  • New arrangements for the assessments without levels and providing support where necessary.
  • The use of Pupil Premium and evaluation of the impact
  • Continued training and upskilling of the governing body including courses in Safeguarding, Governor Induction, Finance and Special Education Needs.

Future and Continuous improvement

On-going and future areas for targeting will include:

  • Supporting the school in its continued efforts to improve attendance and punctuality of all pupils.
  • Review the impact of the National Curriculum testing and adjustments to learning programmes and resources where necessary.
  • The training and implementation of Governor roles to ensure accountability, including Safeguarding
  • Work towards a combined approach and communication as the school moves into the soft federation model.

Current Solent Junior School Governors:

  • Sarah Haydon
  • Sophie Collings
  • Lucy Wilby
  • Tessa Webber
  • Lucy Sinnott
  • Kate Barfoot
  • John Hovey
  • Chris Taylor
  • Vacancy (parent governor)
  • Vacancy (parent governor)
  • Vacancy (co-opted governor)

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