An impressive start to the 2018/19 football season for Solent girls!

Miss Smith was delighted to be able to witness her team enjoying their first football tournament of the academic year on Friday 21st September 2018.  All girls visibly enjoyed the chance to compete and they showed great teamwork and skill throughout.  The girls were a pleasure to coach as they listened to advice, demonstrated an excellent sporting attitude and were pleased with their wins but also keen to congratulate their opposition when Solent experienced defeats. The girls ended the tournament 5th out of 9 teams.  However, they drew against the winning team and so Miss Smith feels confident in the girls’ potential and looks forward to seeing how they perform in the future. 

Silver medallists in the Portsmouth league – May 2018

Congratulations to the upper school girls’ football team who were awarded second place in the Portsmouth schools’ football league.  The girls performed extremely well losing only to the winning side.  They showed skill, teamwork and a superb sporting attitude. 


Friday 23rd March 2018

year 4 girls footballers

On Friday 22nd March, a team of year 4 footballers attended a training session run by the University of Portsmouth.  All the girls enjoyed the drills they were involved in and developed new skills.  At the end of the training session, the girls were able to try out their new skills by playing matches against other schools.  The year 4 team managed a mixture of wins, draws and losses and even had to take part in their first ever penalty shoot out which they were delighted to win!

Friday 22nd September 2017:  Victory for Solent


On Friday 22nd September, the Solent girls’ football team arrived at PGS playing fields full of excitement for their first tournament of the season.  For some of the team, it was their first match ever!  In total, there were eight teams taking part in the tournament and the standard of play across all teams was admirable.  After seven matches, Solent had achieved five wins and two draws so the girls waited anxiously to find out the final result.  It was a closely fought tournament with the top two teams, (Solent and Victory) achieving the same number of points.  Fortunately, Solent had beaten Victory 2-1 when they had played each other so Solent were delighted to be crowned champions.

Solent will now go on to the county finals at Wide Lane on Friday 6th October.  The girls will not only represent Solent but they will also be representing Portsmouth.


Friday 23rd September 2016: A super start to the football season

3rd place: an impressive performance to start the season.

3rd place: an impressive performance to start the season.

Solent girls began the football season in spectacular fashion, earning themselves 3rd place overall in the first tournament of the academic year.  The girls worked incredibly well as a team and managed to secure a total of five wins out of a total of eight matches.  Two matches resulted in a narrow 1:0 defeat and despite an unfortunate result in these games, Solent proved that they were a force to be reckoned with, taking possession of the ball for the majority of the game.

Girls Football 2016

April 2016:  Solent Girls’ battled their way through tough competition in the league this year and the team was finally awarded 8th place out of 13 teams in total.   The girls did themselves proud and developed well as a team across several weeks worth of matches.  They were able to celebrate some victories, enjoy some closely fought draws and learn from some tough defeats.   Many of the girls will go on to play again in the league next year, with some very useful experience behind them.

Solent Girls Football Tournament/League

girls football

2nd March 2016:

On Wednesday 2nd March the girls took part in the first three matches of the Portsmouth League fixtures.  The girls worked well as a team and seemed to keep possession of the ball for a large percentage of each match – however the all important goals seemed to be illusive!  The girls had to wait until the second match for their hard work to pay off in the form of an excellent goal by Ava Griggs.  Solent were content to finish the three matches with: a win, a draw and a loss – (especially as the teams which they had encountered were teams that had beaten Solent in the past!)

Portsmouth Schools’ Tournament – 24th February 2016

On Wednesday 24th February the Solent girls’ football team took part in a tournament against other Portsmouth Schools.  All members of the team played with enthusiasm and determination, as well as demonstrating a sporting attitude towards both their own team mates and their opponents.  It was a pleasure to witness the girls developing their skill and becoming more unified as a team.  Several of the matches which the girls played were very close – some even went into extra time.  The girls were awarded 7th place at the end of the tournament.

19.6.15: Girls crowned Hampshire Champions for second, consecutive time


On Friday 19th June, Solent’s dedicated footballers gave up their INSET day to display their footballing talent at the Hampshire Games in Aldershot.  After a shaky start, with the girls narrowly losing two games, the team’s determination to succeed shone through and they moved on to win four of their six games, putting them top of their group.  They were thrilled to be informed that they had qualified for the semi-finals.

In the final minutes of an incredibly close semi-final match, Solent were awarded a free kick from just in front of the half way line.  A calm and composed Hannah Thompson stepped forward to take the free kick, and the whole crowd gasped in amazement as a kick worthy of a world cup resulted in the ball hitting the top right hand corner of the net, putting Solent through to the final.

Solent weren’t surprised to find that they were up against a very strong Herne Junior School team.  Having been defeated in the past by this team, the girls were determined to give their best ever performance.  After an incredibly tense 8 minutes, the score was  0-0 and two nervous teams prepared for a penalty shoot out.  Poppie Bulloch took the role of goal keeper and appeared not to be phased by the pressure, saving 2 out of 3 Herne penalties.  Unfortunately, after 3 penalties from both teams, the score was an evenly matched 1-1.  It was then down to Isobel Griggs to step up and take the first penalty of sudden-death.  Having never taken a penalty before, Isobel was incredibly nervous!  However, moments later her nerves transformed into shock and elation as her penalty went in, winning the match and earning the team the title of Hampshire Champions once more.


20.5.15    Herne Junior School Tournament

Congratulations to the Solent Girls’ footballers for their fantastic performance in the Herne Junior School football tournament.  The standard of the football at the tournament was incredible and the competition was tough, but after winning all games in their group, Solent’s A team reached the semi finals against Kings Worthy which they won 3:1.  A breath-taking final against Herne A team ensued, but unfortunately resulted in Solent A team’s first defeat of the competition.  Our team was proud to be awarded with silver medals.

Solent’s B team can be very proud of their performance too.  The team comprised of many inexperienced but up-and-coming footballers and although they did not get past the group stages, many players were happy to win their first ever match.  What is also worthy of mention, is that although the tournament was aimed at upper school children, many of our lower school children were keen to gain some experience and to take part in the competition.  It was fabulous to see year 3 and 4 children unfazed by competing against girls several years older and more experienced than them.  I feel confident that our younger players have an exciting and promising footballing future at Solent ahead of them.


18.4.15    Regional Finals in Bristol

The girls’ team can be extremely proud of their fantastic performance in the regional finals on Saturday.  The team met some tough competition but in all their matches they showed that they were a force to be reckoned with and that they truly deserved to represent Hampshire in this tournament.  The girls won their first match, drew their second match and were narrowly defeated in their final two matches.  Although they will not progress to the national finals, they have managed to enjoy some high-level competition and can hopefully look back on their experience with fond memories.


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Girls get Gold (2nd year in a row!)


Congratulations to the girls' football team who achieved gold in the Portsmouth Football League (2015)

Congratulations to the girls’ football team who achieved gold in the Portsmouth Football League (2015)


Congratulations to the girls’ football team who concluded their football league success with a 7-0 win against Victory, resulting in an undefeated Portsmouth league performance.   The girls were crowned champions having scored a total of 88 goals in the league and conceding a mere 3!

As county champions, the girls now look forward to their Regional Final in Bristol (18th April) and to representing Portsmouth at the Hampshire Games (date to be confirmed).


Solent Girls continued to play exceptionally well this week winning all 3 matches.  They beat Wimborne 6-2, achieved a 15-0 win against Milton Park, and finished with a 10-0 victory against Arundel Court B team.

There will be no football match next week (due to a swimming gala on the same date) but the final match will be played on April 1st against Victory.


Another two victories were attained today by a skilful Solent team.  The girls won 13 – 1 against St Swithuns and beat Northern Parade with a score of 12 – 0.


The girls continued to play exceptional football in the Portsmouth football league this afternoon, winning all 3 of their matches.  The girls beat Copnor 9-0,  they won 4-0 against St Johns and they finished with a 3-0 victory against Court Lane.


The 2015 Portsmouth Schools Girls’ Football league has begun and the girls started as they mean to go on, attaining victories in both matches played.  They won 4-0 against Arundel Court A team, and 5-0 against St Paul’s.  All players displayed both effort and team work and can be proud of their achievement so far in the league.


A Proud Day for Solent:  County Champions

The girls’ football team performed incredibly well in their county tournament today.  Having scored 22 goals in total and not conceded a single goal, the girls were crowned county champions and will now go on to represent Hampshire in a regional tournament in April.  The tournament will take place on a Saturday and it will be played in Bristol.  Further details will be shared as soon as they become available to us.  In a total of 7 matches, the girls won 6 and drew 1.  It was a very close competition between 1st and 2nd place and the decision came down to goal difference, resulting in a triumphant Solent.


2nd October 2014

Excellent news for Solent Girls’ footballers who successfully won their U11 Portsmouth school football tournament on Thursday without conceding a single goal in all the matches played.  The girls met a tough opposition in the final (St John’s College) but after a tense match which went into extra time, Solent clinched the all important winning goal to earn them the gold medals.  The girls have now qualified to play in the County Finals on Friday 10th at Wide Lane in Southampton.  We wish them the best of luck.  Miss Smith is massively proud of all the girls who have played in the team and nervously/excitedly awaits future matches with her fingers crossed that they will continue their award winning performance.


30th September 2014

Congratulations to Solent Junior School girls’ football team who won their quarter final cup match against Victory 6-1.  The girls are now through to the semi finals and will play Saint Johns’ College.

20th June 2014

Solent Junior school girls’ football team encountered tough opposition at the Hampshire Games tournament on Friday and therefore unfortunately the girls did not get past the initial stages.  However, all girls who participated can be proud of the team spirit, perseverance and positive attitude which  they demonstrated.  They also showed determination to learn from others and they enjoyed their experience.  Miss Smith looks forward to future tournaments and coaching sessions.
Congratulations to the Girls' football team who won the Portsmouth league

Congratulations to the Girls’ football team who won the Portsmouth league (2014)

March 2014 Congratulations to the Year 5/6 Girls’ football team who won the league, bringing home the gold medals!  All girls who participated in the league can be incredibly proud of themselves as not only did they demonstrate superb talent, but their sporting behaviour and positive attitudes made them excellent ambassadors for the school and deserving winners!  Miss Smith is overwhelmed by the progress the team has made and the success they have achieved in their first ever competitive season.   The Solent girls’ football team will now be representing Portsmouth in the Hampshire games on Friday 20th June.  


19.3.14 Congratulations to the girls’ football team who beat Langstone 5 -1 and drew in their friendly match against a tough Court Lane team. 


12.03.14 Congratulations to the upper school girls’ football team who demonstrated excellent skill, a positive attitude and great team work which enabled them to win all three of their matches on Wednesday 12th March. Having narrowly lost in the semi-final of their football tournament in January to a strong St Swithuns’ A team, our team showed incredible resilience and determination in our second meeting against this skilful team – winning 1-0.  They then successful beat st Swithuns’ B team, also with a score of 1-0.  Our last match of the day was against Victory, with a win of 5-1.  Let’s hope we can continue the success next week.


5.3.14 Solent Junior School girls’ football team continued to play well in their league matches on Wednesday the 5th March, winning 4 -1 to Copnor Junior School but admitting defeat (4-2) against a tough Court lane team.


26.2.14 Congratulations to the upper school girls’ football team who had an excellent start to their football league, winning all three of their matches 5 – 0.  Let’s hope next week’s matches are just as successful.

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