7.6.18   Solent Cricket team: Bronze Medallists! 

On Thursday 7th June 2018, Solent cricket team were delighted to be awarded bronze medals as a result of their incredible teamwork and superb skills!  All members of the team gave their best performance and showed that practice pays off! 


QuadKids festival 6th June 2018

Solent year 6 athletes performed incredibly well on Wednesday afternoon across 4 different events.  All pupils were required to compete in a 75m sprint, howler throw, standing long jump and 600m run.  The pupils who were selected had already been required to demonstrate their skills alongside other keen year 6 pupils, so even just being selected for this event was an achievement!  Miss Smith was incredibly proud to watch all 8 pupils give it their best effort across all the events.  It was also a delight to watch the Solent pupils supporting each other by cheering their team on and complementing each other on their successes.  It was a particularly hot and sunny afternoon and perhaps the most challenging part of the day involved the 600m run.  A special mention must go to Grace from 6S who finished her race in second place and showed real determination to succeed.  Despite being exhausted, she still dug deep to find the extra strength to sprint the last 20 metres!  As a result of every single member of the Solent team performing well across all the events, the team were awarded a 4th place, narrowly missing out on a medal!




Athletics Championship 2017


On Friday 7th July, 12 Solent pupils took part in an athletics event at the Mountbatten centre.  Individuals were allowed to perform a maximum of two individual events, but only two pupils from each school could enter each particular event.  This meant that many pupils were given the daunting task of attempting disciplines they were unfamiliar with.  For example, Noah, Hallie and Sienna agreed to have a go at the High Jump for the first time!  They all managed to clear the first jump and Noah even made it to the final five stating after the event that he really hoped he’d be able to pursue High Jump at his secondary school.   On top of the individual event, the fast four girls and fastest four boys were selected to form relay teams.  The boys relay team were phenomenal and passed the finishing line in gold medal position.

Congratulations to the boys' relay team for achieving gold!

 Ava from 6H demonstrated her phenomenal talent yet again, by storming to victory in both the 600m and the 150m.  Well done Ava: an incredible achievement!

A double victory for Ava

A double victory for Ava

Solent represents Portsmouth at the Hampshire Games

On Thursday 29th June, three teams of Solent pupils were transported to Aldershot where they represented not only their school, but also Portsmouth.  Earlier in the year, Solent’s tag rugby team, Quadkid team and netball team had all won tournaments to enable them to compete at county level.  The children knew that they would be up against tough competition but they relished the challenge and all teams performed well.


Quadkids Champions 2017

Solent's phenomenal athletes! Well-deserved champions.

Solent’s phenomenal athletes! Well-deserved champions.

On Monday 22nd May a team of 4 girls and 4 boys took part in an athletics competition against 12 other schools at the Mountbatten centre.  The children had to show skill and fitness across four disciplines: standing long jump, vortex throw, 75m sprint and 600m middle distance race.  All Solent pupils were a credit to the school, performing well in all events.  The 6oom in particular proved to be a bit of a shock to the system, as many pupils were not used to racing this distance.  However, as the photo below shows, Ava made it look easy by winning her race by almost half a lap!  What incredible fitness!


Ava stomps to victory, winning by half a lap!

Ava stomps to victory, winning by half a lap!

Solent will now go forward to represent Portsmouth at the Hampshire Games in Aldershot on the 29th June.


Great School Sprint 2016



Team Solent: Gold medal winners!

             Team Solent: Gold medal winners!


On Friday 21st October, 10 talented year 6 sprinters took part in an exciting event in the Guildhall Square.  A temporary 60m running track had been set up for the day and Solent was one of ten schools to take part in a series of sprint races.  The sense of team spirit amongst Solent pupils was absolutely marvellous to experience, with children cheering each other on, congratulating successes and offering heartfelt commiserations where children may have missed out on making in through to the semis and finals.  Fortunately most time was spent celebrating as Solent were a force to be reckoned with, with several of our sprinters making in through to the semis and even the finals!  Two of our female sprinters made it into the girls’ finals and three of our male sprinters reached the boys’ finals.  When the results were revealed at the end of the morning, Solent was delighted to be awarded with:

Gold medals for the best combined scores for the girls

Gold medals for the best combined scores for the boys

A winning trophy for the best overall school!

Furthermore, a special mention must go to Ava Griggs whose outstanding performance resulted in first place out of all the girls who attended. She will go through to represent Portsmouth as well as Solent in the next round of competitions (details to be confirmed).  Owen Collins also finished with a bronze medal, earning him the status of the 3rd fastest boy at the Great School Sprint 2016.





Rounders Tournament

On Wednesday 17th June, a team of year 6 rounders players took part in a tournament on Southsea Common.  The team performed to the best of their ability, showing skill and team work.  They were delighted to be awarded bronze medals.





Swimming gala

On Wednesday 25th March, a team of 8 girls and 7 boys represented Solent in a swimming gala at the Mountbatten centre.  Both teams did exceptionally well, resulting in the girls receiving bronze medals and the boys receiving silver medals.  Congratulations to all the children who took part.


Upper School Athletics Event

On Wednesday 4th February 2015, 24 of our upper school athletes (12 girls and 12 boys) took part in a sports-hall athletics event at the Mountbatten Centre against 5 other schools in Portsmouth.  Our boys’ team were delighted to return to school with silver medals for the second highest combined scores for the boys’ team.  Although the girls team didn’t reach the top 3 spots, their scores were added to the boys scores, which then resulted in our school being awarded 2nd place overall.   What a fantastic achievement!

Rounders Tournament

On Wednesday 18th June 2014, our gifted and talented Rounders players were selected from Years 4,5 and 6 and taken down to Southsea Common to take part in a Rounders Tournament. After playing a series of 6 matches against other schools in Portsmouth, the Solent team were victorious finishing in 1st place and bringing home the gold medals. Special Congratulations must go to Evan Taylor and Callum Sturgess who were selected form Year 4 to play in the Year 5/6 tournament due to their outstanding ability.


Swimming Gala

On Thursday 6th March 2014, Solent Junior School upper school pupils took part in a swimming gala against other Portsmouth schools.  Pupils competed in a range of races of all strokes at distances of 25m and 50m, as well as some width races.  All pupils demonstrated excellent competitive spirit and can all be proud of their achievements.  Special congratulations to our team of 10 boys who came away with medals for 3rd place.


October 2013: Great School Sprint

Over 40 children congregated in the Guildhall Square in Portsmouth to compete in the Great School Sprint against children from other schools in Portsmouth.

Solent Junior School enjoyed tremendous success, with both teams finishing in 2nd place.

Special Congratulations must go to:

James Webber, 6T who finished in 2nd place

Amber Mellish, who finished in 2nd place

Phoebe Jupp, who finished in 3rd place

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