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Year 4 Spring Term 2017

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year to you all! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

As we start a new school year, we would like to share with you an overview of the learning journey your child will take in the Spring Term of Year 4. The children are now fully settled and continue to be excited about their learning.

We will continue to structure the majority of our learning around our learning units. Some subjects will still be taught discretely where they do not easily dovetail into the overall theme.

Topic – History and Geography

Our theme for this term will be Roman Britain. We will begin by asking the children to complete a historical learning log task, based on a brief overview of Celtic history. Following on from this, we will be travelling back in time to Roman Britain to investigate how Celtic life changed and the continued legacy of their impact. We will also explore the daily life of Roman Britain, including a DT project to make Roman money containers.

In Science, we will investigate the magnificent world of magnets; exploring the relationships between attraction and repulsion, and how magnetic forces are affected.

As part of our English, we will be exploring poetic form and the children will get the opportunity to apply language and grammar rules learnt so far. Also, alongside our Roman Britain topic, will apply their topic knowledge to write an informative text about Roman Britain. Towards the end of the term, the children will get the opportunity to use their creative skills and their historical knowledge gained in their topic lessons to write a story with a historical setting. In addition to this, they will study play scripts which will include exploring the play Julius Caesar.

We will continue to cover some areas of English discretely such as daily guided reading and spellings.

Thank you for your support with the daily reading records, some children have already achieved more than 125 days reading! If you could please continue to encourage your child to read regularly at home and return their reading diary every Monday. Children may take up to 2 books from the library and can change their books any day, the expectation is that one of these books will be in school for personal reading. If you would like to help your child choose a book, please feel free to do so at the end of the day.


During the Spring Term, we will be consolidating and revisiting the formal written methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication. We will also be extending the children’s knowledge of fractions, decimals, geometry, shape, space and measurement.

There will be an increased focus on problem solving and applying this knowledge to different contexts.

P.E. and Games

This will take place twice a week. One of these sessions will be outdoors and as the weather is colder this term we would request that your child has a tracksuit or suitable warmer clothing as unless it is very wet we will continue with the lesson.

This term in Games we will continue to focus on Tag Rugby.

In PE, we will begin our new unit of Rhythmic Gymnastics and create routines and sequences of our own using a range of apparatus.

In French – we will be continuing our Tout-Le-Monde programme focusing on ages, birthdays and classrooms items.

Personal, Social and Health Education will involve discussions, role play and circle time to help children think about ‘Money Matters’ and ‘Who likes chocolate?’

Home Learning

This will continue to alternate between MATHS and ENGLISH, set on a Monday to be returned the following Monday. A learning log task will be set each term, where children are given two weeks to complete a mini project relating to our current topic which will allow them to apply other curriculum skills.


Children will continue to develop their sketchbooks by gathering ideas and evidence on artists, architects and sculptors. We will study Roman artefacts and create pen and ink drawings for our Roman topic, with a focus on design and architecture.


At the beginning of this term, Year 4 will discover and explore the Hindu celebration of Mahashivarartri. The children will also be studying the Easter story, in particular the symbol of the Paschal Candle.


Children will further develop their word processing and research skills to present information clearly for their topic. They will learn how to use search engines effectively in order to research. Following on from this, they will explore different ways to present their findings using programmes such as Publisher, Word and PowerPoint.


Miss C Saunders,  Miss B Gall,  Mr J Earl

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