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YEAR 3 Spring Term 2017

Happy New Year one and all! Once again we find ourselves at the start of a busy, yet exciting Spring Term. We have lots to look forward to, including our residential trip to Minstead in March. We are, of course, continuing our journey through the Curriculum and hope that we can continue to rely on your support, so that together we can help your child reach their full potential.

We will continue to structure the majority of our learning around our LEARNING UNITS. Some subjects will still be taught discretely where they do not effectively link with the overall theme.

HOME LEARNING will continue to be set on a Monday with the expectation that it will be handed in the following Monday and will alternate between Maths and English each week. If there are any problems with homework, please see the class teacher as soon as possible or use the school website if any homework sheets have been lost. We always advise that should you wish to do any extra homework, practising skills like spellings (on the school website), times tables, handwriting and reading should be done for a few minutes each day.

In ENGLISH the children will be developing their mastery of the the skills required to be great writers. We will continue to look at a range of writing styles, including Fiction, Non-Fiction and poetry. This will give the children regular opportunities to write extended pieces, edit, improve and publish as well as improving their use of writing in other subjects. Our first unit will be Non-Fiction based, where the children will be writing their own Information Texts.

READING will continue to be taught daily in Reading sessions. The children will develop their reading fluency skills as well as how to effectively retrieve information alongside their responses to texts through questioning and differentiated activities. We ask that the children supplement their daily diet of reading in school with regular reading opportunities at home. Children should continue to use Bug Club where possible, however, this should not be their only source of reading. Children should also be reading books from the school library as well as any books they enjoy reading at home or from a local Library.

In MATHS the children will develop their understanding of counting and the number system, including securing number facts to help them solve problems with growing confidence. The children will have opportunities to apply mathematical skills in a range of contexts, using their calculating skills with greater accuracy. They will begin to embed a more formal approach to written calculations with greater efficiency. They will collect and
interpret a range of data in bar charts as well as learning about measuring and shape.

SCIENCE lessons delve into the world of Changing State, giving the children the opportunity to investigate different solids, liquids and gases. This will then be followed by a unit on Animals in the second half of the term!
Our major topic this term will be based around GEOGRAPHY and we will be exploring the mysterious world of Glaciers. We will be looking at what they are, how they are formed as well as their impact on the wider world.

In ART the children will be practicing their printing skills as well as trying their hand at pottery. This will be developed whilst at Minstead through using clay to make miniature sculptures.

COMPUTING will develop the children’s publishing and presentation skills.

P.E. (games and gymnastics) will take place twice a week. It is essential that your child has the appropriate clothing for each lesson so please ensure your child’s kit is in school on their PE days. We shall continue to go outside for games unless the weather is too bad, so your child will require suitable outdoor clothing whilst the weather is colder.
The Games learning will involve Cricket and Football whilst Gymnastics will focus on Shape and Balance and Responding to Music.

This term in FRENCH we will continue to be guided by the Tout-le-Monde programme of study, learning about colours and clothing.

In the first half term the R.E. unit will be looking at the Hindu festival of Holi, followed by the Christian festival of Easter in the second half term.

In PHSE, the children will be learning all about how to ‘Live Long, Live Strong’ in the first half
term, followed by ‘Daring to be Different’ in the second half.

Finally, in MUSIC, the children will be learning how to make music using rubbish!

During the second week of term, the Year 3 teachers will be visiting Minstead for a planning meeting and to make arrangements for our forthcoming visit. Documentation will be sent out thereafter to keep you informed of the arrangements as well as collecting information regarding any medical issues.

We look forward to seeing you at our PARENTS’ EVENING later this term, where we will be discussing your child’s progress and the targets they have been set. In the meantime, if you need to contact any of the team, the email address below is the best way to contact us quickly.

The Year 3 teachers
D. Hill, S. Sweatman, D. Langmore



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