24.5.17 Solent High Five Netball team secure another victory!

Solent’s netball team continued their winning streak on Wednesday when they exceeded expectations to win yet another tournament – this time beating some senior school year 7 teams.  Solent won all their games except for the draw they achieved against Springfield Secondary School.  Solent had to wait nervously to find out if they had a big enough goal difference to be crowned champions.  They were delighted to discover that they had indeed achieved a more impressive goal difference than Springfield and so they were awarded gold medals.


26.4.17:  Gold for Solent’s netballers

On Wednesday 26th April, a team of netballers arrived at Furze Lane, determined to live up to their unbeaten record and keen to raise yet another trophy.  The team were disappointed to find that their most difficult match would be their first one.  As expected, this match against Wimborne was a tough one and although Solent lead for most of the game, they conceded a last minute goal which resulted in a draw.  The pressure was now on; Solent knew that Wimborne would be unlikely to lose any of their games, so Solent couldn’t afford to slip up.  They also had to ensure their goal difference was enough to beat Wimborne’s in order to reach the final.  The next game certainly saw a phenomenal number of beautiful shots with Solent winning 16-0!  Solent were pleased to make the final but even more delighted to win the final 3-2 and raise yet another trophy. Well done Solent.


9.3.17  Solent Junior Netball team crowned champions of the Portsmouth League!

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Having easily secured a place in the finals after an impressive season of netball, all eyes were on Solent Junior School as they took to the court on Wednesday at the Mountbatten Centre. The superb six Solent players did not disappoint!  4 matches were played and all 4 matches resulted in victory for Solent.  The team beat St Swithuns 9-0, St Johns 6-3, Victory school 7-1 and perhaps the most pleasing victory of all for Solent was against a team they’ve never beaten before: Corpus Christi, 5:2.  Our superb players have now earned themselves a place at the Hampshire Games on the 29th June where they will not only represent Solent, but also Portsmouth.  A special thanks goes to Mrs Hamorak and Mrs Webber for their dedication, enthusiasm and hard work, without which we wouldn’t have a netball team, never mind a winning team!

Solent Junior School Netball team – Silver Medal Winners! 2016


Congratulations to the amazingly talented Solent netball team who were awarded 2nd place in the Portsmouth League 2016!  The team played exceptionally well throughout the league and played according to the High 5 netball rules, meaning that they had to excel at many different positions in the team.  The children narrowly missed out on being crowned champions in a closely fought final but due to their incredible performance, they will be given the opportunity to represent Portsmouth at the Hampshire Games in Aldershot on Thursday 30th June 2016.

Netball league – January/February/March 2015

Congratulations to Solent’s A team who, after many victorious league matches, has successfully qualified for the netball finals which will be held on Monday 2nd March.

All netballers involved in the league matches (both the A team and the B team) can be proud of the skill that they have managed to develop in a relatively short amount of time.  Mrs Webber and Mrs Hamorak are delighted with the effort, improvement and enjoyment demonstrated by all children who have participated in this league.


Yr 5 and 6 Netball Club – Thursdays after school 3.15-4.15pm


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